Seamobile Assigned Patent

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Seamobile, Seattle, has been assigned a patent (7,945,167) developed by Thanaroj Narkmon, Issaquah, Wash., Anthony J. Bradley, Renton, Wash., and Kenneth J. Ellis, Sammamish, Wash., for “preventing mobile communications in a quiet zone using artificially imposed signal time delay.”

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “Terminating or otherwise preventing communications in a predefined quiet zone by imposing a time delay. In one embodiment an existing call is terminated during a transition between two wireless access points by imposing a time delay on communications through one of the access points. The time delayed signal is interpreted as noise and causes a base station to drop the call if the noise causes the signal strength from the other access point to fall below a threshold. Within a quiet zone, a signal time delay prevents a client device from responding to a base station connection instruction, which causes the base station to believe that the client device is out of range of a quiet zone access point. The time delay may be imposed by an optical fiber spool between the quiet zone access point and the base station, or other delay mechanism. One embodiment is aboard a vessel.”