PacStar Delivers Riverbed Virtual Steelhead(R) Technology on the Smallest Deployable Appliance

PacStar®, a leading developer of advanced communications solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), today announced an integrated solution that delivers Riverbed® Virtual Steelhead® on the PacStar 1210 Tactical Accelerator Appliance (TAA). As a result, PacStar offers DoD customers the Riverbed wide area network (WAN) optimization solution in the smallest form factor possible. This effectively reduces the size of the physical equipment needed — by more than 50 percent — for applications where size, weight and power count. In addition, the PacStar 1210 includes a quick-release solid state drive, providing a convenient method to meet security requirements.

“By using the Riverbed Virtual Steelhead, we were able to quickly develop the right solution for our DoD customers without the concerns and delays normally found in porting software to a new platform,” said Bob Dunn, chief executive officer of PacStar. “Riverbed Virtual Steelhead proved to be extremely easy to use and adaptable, and brings the best of the appliance packaging and predictability to a form factor that meets our customers’ needs.”

PacStar selected Riverbed Virtual Steelhead to provide WAN optimization for deployed military units that often have many soldiers in the field sharing limited bandwidth, high-latency satellite communications links. Riverbed Steelhead appliances are a favorite among satellite users for their ability to speed application performance and data transfer over the WAN, which work extremely well in high-latency environments and meets the need anywhere-anytime access.

PacStar develops rapid-deployment communications equipment for the U.S. DoD, in small, soldier-portable solutions.

Comprised of an IP-based network, security, voice and satcom equipment, PacStar solutions provide all of the communications capabilities that in-theater teams need for access to one or more networks such as NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS and CENTRIXS. Also, with the PacStar 1210, teams of deployed personnel can maximize the effectiveness of data communications, using Riverbed acceleration technologies, in an appliance form-factor designed specifically for executive, early-entry, joint task force (JTF) or forward operating base use.

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