Greatcall Underscores Commitment to Health & Safety with Launch of Greatcall Splash and Jitterbug5

Uniting easy-to-use technology with a network of health & safety experts creates a personal safety net

GreatCall, Inc., the leader in enabling aging consumers and their family caregivers to stay connected, protected and in control of their lives, today introduced enhanced versions of two of its award-winning health & safety devices: the GreatCall Splash with 5Star service and the Jitterbug5. The new features augment the products’ unrivaled simplicity, proven mobility and value to family caregivers.

A study undertaken by an independent research firm for GreatCall, found that 96 percent of older Americans want to leave the house and get around more independently. “GreatCall Splash and Jitterbug5 with its dedicated 5Star connection enable our customers to do what they want, wherever they want, without worrying,” said David Inns, GreatCall’s CEO. “Our customers know that we are here to keep them connected and protected. And, by being 100 percent mobile, they take that freedom everywhere: one button, one call, one team.”

“We are constantly learning about what is meaningful to our customers,” added Inns. “They asked for the ability to wear the GreatCall Splash in the shower and for the Jitterbug cell phone to instantly connect to our network of health & safety experts. These updates meet those needs – and more.”
GreatCall Splash

The GreatCall Splash is designed to withstand up to 30 minutes in three feet of water. “We also responded to the requests for feature and ease-of-use upgrades and created a drop-in charging cradle and extended the battery life. But we believe the full value of GreatCall Splash is realized through its connection to family members through GreatCall’s Link app and to health & safety experts through the 5Star service,” Inns added.

When a Splash user hits the device’s button for help in an uncertain or unsafe situation, there is an immediate connection to an NAED ( Certified Response Agent. This U.S.-based team member will speak directly with the user through the device and, using GPS technology and Personal Profile information, can confirm the location and more effectively evaluate the situation – providing a connection to whatever emergency services are required, from roadside assistance to emergency dispatch services.


With its dedicated 5Star button, the Jitterbug5 provides instant access to 5Star service and its team of NAED Certified Response agents. And, with GreatCall GoPlans, consumers also have access to the full benefits of the portfolio of health & safety apps, including: Urgent Care, with unlimited access to registered nurses or board certified doctors; MedCoach, daily medication reminders and Link.

The cell phone’s unrivaled ease-of-use is clear in the bright screen, loudspeaker and big buttons with backlit keypad. Jitterbug5 also has Voice Dial for quickly accessing hundreds of speed-dial contacts by voice-command without scrolling through contact lists. And, the phone is available in three patriotic colors: red, white and blue.

Additional product highlights and features

GreatCall Splash features include:

• Waterproof rating of IPX7 for use in the shower or up to 30 minutes in three feet of water
• Easy-to-use single button operation
• Available in Desert Silver and Tahoe Blue
• Charging cradle, power adapter, accessory clip and keychain attachment
• Extended battery life
• Personal Profile – user-managed information to enable first responders to provide the right help more quickly
• Ability to upgrade to a GreatCall GoPlan with Urgent Care with unlimited access to registered nurses or board certified doctors, 24/7 as well as GreatCall Link, smartphone app to provide status updates of users’ device and whereabouts. For more information, visit

GreatCall Splash with 5Star service is priced at $49.99. Basic service starts at $14.99 per month. The GoPlan option, including Urgent Care and Link, is $19.99 per month. There is a one-time $35 activation fee and no contracts, cancellation or equipment to install.

Jitterbug5 features include:

• Dedicated 5Star connection
• GreatCall GoPlans for access to health & safety apps such as Urgent Care, MedCoach
• Easy-to-use: bright screen, loud speaker, big button, backlit keypad
• Voice dial
• Longest lasting battery
• Available in red, white and blue

Jitterbug5 is priced at $99.00. Basic service starts at $14.99 with the best value GoPlan option, including 5Star service, Urgent Care and Link, at $24.99 per month.

Connecting to Link

By downloading the GreatCall Link app to their own smartphone, family caregivers get peace of mind by seeing confirmations that their Splash or Jitterbug5 user is following their routine. The app provides an alert when the 5Star user – both on the device or the Jitterbug5 – hits the button for help with a record of all calls and the status of each interaction with an agent. Information includes date, time and location on a map so the caregiver has a clear understanding of what is happening in real time. In addition, GreatCall Link provides caregivers with on-demand information to ensure that daily routines are normal and appointments are kept.