Boingo to offer Wi-Fi services at Raleigh-Durham airport

Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority in the US has selected global Wi-Fi services provider Boingo Wireless to manage and operate tiered Wi-Fi services throughout Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). Tiered Wi-Fi services include a complimentary Wi-Fi service option for casual users looking to surf the internet, check their e-mail and update their social media profiles. Boingo will also offer premium Wi-Fi services, allowing business travellers and power users to engage in data activities such as accessing corporate VPNs, downloading files and streaming HD video. Travelers who wish to utilise Boingo’s complimentary services can use free 45-minute Wi-Fi sessions after watching a brief advertisement. Boingo’s premium services are available via Boingo’s Wi-Fi plans, including Boingo Unlimited, which offers Wi-Fi access at all Boingo hotspots in the Americas for USD 9.95 per month. Hourly and day passes will also be available for purchase.

Boingo’s roaming and platform service partners will also have access to the premium Wi-Fi services at RDU.