Boingo Chosen as Wireless Provider for Dallas Love Field Airport

Airport Modernization Effort Includes Boingo Neutral Host Wi-Fi and DAS Networks

Boingo Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIFI), the Wi-Fi industry’s leading provider of software and services worldwide, announced today that the company has been chosen by the City of Dallas as the wireless provider for Dallas Love Field. The company will install, manage and operate neutral host Wi-Fi and DAS networks as part of the airport’s current modernization initiative.

Boingo has assumed management responsibilities for part of the airport’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, and is already managing the customer experience at the airport. The company will also design a state-of-the-art network in conjunction with the Love Field Modernization Program to renovate and revitalize the airport. Boingo’s enhanced wireless services will launch in conjunction with the opening of the remodeled Love Field complex in Q1 2013. The upgraded Wi-Fi and DAS services will continue to roll out through 2014 as the Love Field revitalization is completed.

Boingo will deploy its popular tiered Wi-Fi service, which provides complimentary Wi-Fi access for casual users and offers premium service for power users who need more time and bandwidth. Airports such as Love Field benefit from this kind of hybrid network by offering complimentary Wi-Fi while retaining a revenue stream from premium services that helps offset the increasing costs of upgrading the network and bandwidth to accommodate burgeoning demand.

Boingo’s neutral host approach to Wi-Fi and DAS networks also maximizes availability of wireless services for all wireless service providers without bias, including Wi-Fi roaming and platform service partners such as Verizon, LGU+, Orange France and Skype, among many others.

The company will collaborate with Love Field to introduce innovative free-to-consumer services to enhance the passenger experience on an ongoing basis. Dallas Love Field will gain access to Boingo’s new custom content portal, which will offer travelers a selection of online content, movies, shopping, games and other online services that can be enjoyed with no Wi-Fi purchase necessary.

“Boingo’s partnership approach will help us deliver the most advanced wireless and customer service options to our passengers while making sure we’ll be able to keep up with the exponential growth going forward, ” said Karl Martin, CIS Portfolio Manager-Airport Electronic Systems Management for the City of Dallas Department of Aviation.

“As demand on wireless networks explodes, we’ll continue to work with airport partners like Love Field to find creative solutions to the cost-benefit dilemma of providing value to travelers that is economically sustainable for the airport,” said Mark Deshaies, vice president, operations for Boingo Wireless.

Boingo Wireless manages and operates Wi-Fi and DAS networks at large-scale consumer venues worldwide, including more than 60 of the world’s most highly trafficked airports, such as London Heathrow, Chicago O’Hare, Beijing Capital, New York John F. Kennedy, Denver International, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International, Lisbon Portela and Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino.

About Dallas Love Field

Love Evolution is the ongoing improvement process of Dallas Love Field as it undergoes a dramatic evolution. The Love Field Modernization Program (LFMP), focusing on construction, will transform our beloved airport and turn it into one of the nation’s premiere, modern airport facilities. The three original concourses will be consolidated into one centrally located concourse for all airlines. From more efficient travel to an increased number of airport concessions, the modernization program will create tremendous benefits for Love Field travelers.