Swatch-Kidrobot launch in Causeway Bay provides some timely relief for star guest Chow Pak-ho

Guests were in a playful mood at the launch of Swatch’s latest watch collection. Canto-pop stars Chow Pak-ho, model Irene Wang Yuen-yuen and members of the girl group Hotcha, Regen Cheung and Winkie Lai, donned several of the candy-coloured plastic watches – produced in collaboration with toys and lifestyle brand Kidrobot – at Swatch’s flagship store on Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay.

American designer Jeremy Madl also attended Monday’s event. He was in town to unveil his creations for the brand – a 2.1-metre-long Maxi watch and a large-scale matching figurine, both of which are being exhibited in the store until the end of next month.

Chow seemed like he could use the smiley figurines and colourful accessories to cheer him up, however – the star was blue because a good friend had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“I’ve been feeling so sad lately,” he said. “He’s been my best friend since we were little. He’s always been there for me.”

Chow recalled that his friend once helped him to kill cockroaches that invaded his home “I called him at three in the morning and still he came over to my place to help. Cockroaches really freak me out.”

They were closer than brothers, Chow said. “He once suspected that I was in love with him,” he joked. “But that’s how close we were.”

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