Our Value

We strive to add value to our investments beyond simply providing capital. We work with management to identify key strategic, operating, and financial objectives, and the resources needed to successfully execute against those priorities. We add value to each investment through:

  • Strategic Guidance – We offer assistance on branding, product development, multichannel sales and marketing strategies, ecommerce optimization, decisions on domestic versus international presence, exploring acquisitions and partnerships, etc.
  • Operational Improvements – Given our strong operating backgrounds, we work closely with management teams to ensure the appropriate infrastructure and controls are in place to support the growth plans of the company. We provide guidance in systems improvement, activity based cost analysis, improving operating efficiencies, implementing financial controls, budgeting and the evaluation of capital expenditure decisions.
  • Professional Network – We utilize our network to evaluate, recruit and retain key members of the management team, as well as partner with industry specific lenders, commercial banks, lawyers, accountants, consultants and other service providers.
  • Portfolio Synergies – We identify opportunities for collaboration across our portfolio including: access to key customers, independent sales reps, suppliers and distribution partners; and leverage the collective guidance and support of our senior management network.