Our Philosophy

We believe in being active investors. Our partners personally invest in and serve on the board of each portfolio company and establish a close working relationship with the management team. We partner with management to identify and measure progress towards key strategic, operating and financial objectives, and align incentives accordingly. We take a long-term view on performance and encourage our companies to invest for growth. Our decision-making is generally guided by the following core principles:

  • Brand – develop a vision for the company built upon an authentic, engaging brand story.
  • Product – commit to constant innovation and be willing to take intelligent risks.
  • Growth –constantly seek new growth strategies, products and distribution channels.
  • Channel – adapt to shifts in consumer behavior and pursue channels that maximize value.
  • Operations – drive material improvements in margins and working capital efficiency.
  • Management – people are your most critical asset; we aim to hire the best.
  • Capital allocation – prioritize spending to focus on investments that create the greatest ROI.
  • Accountability – understand what drives the business and measure progress accordingly.
  • Alignment – motivate key managers by providing them with a stake in the business.
  • Sustainability – use thoughtful business practices that make a positive impact.