MTN “Maestro” Orchestrates Communications and Content Onboard Yachts, Optimizing Bandwidth by 40 Percent

Single, Holistic Solution Designed to Significantly Improve Operational Efficiencies, Network Performance and Ultimately, the End User Experience

Today, there are high expectations when it comes to the communications and content services available to yacht owners, captains, electronic technical officers (ETOs), guests and crew. This is due to the world’s growing demand for bandwidth and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. But managing that bandwidth can be costly and time-consuming. When a typical yacht owner/guest arrives onboard with no less than two mobile devices, they expect to have the same online experience as they do on land, no matter where they are cruising. To deliver on today’s expectations, yachts need a communications and content system onboard that delivers the highest-quality performance yet is easy to manage and flexible to new users and changing itineraries, and supporting the latest applications. MTN Communications (MTN) announces the launch of MTN “Maestro” – a powerful solution that optimizes yacht bandwidth upwards of 40 percent.

MTN Maestro delivers the yacht industry an end-to-end solution that combinesmultiple networks through one provider in one platform leveraging MTN worldwide network operations and support centers. Customers benefit from the following results:

• Maximized Performance: The seamless connectivity of multiple networks in one platform provides faster response times of page loads, downloads and quality streaming with up to 40 percent more efficiency.
• Simplified Management: A simple-to-use interface manages user connectivity profiles and applications, as well as network configuration settings.
• Customization: Asolution designed for each vessel’s communications needs easily handles changes to match shifting “owner/guest on” requirements. Automation also further streamlines operations and information technology (IT).
• Convergence: This platform features a smaller hardware footprint onboard even though it integrates multiple providers’ equipment and capabilities.
• Scalable and Future Proof: Featuring a straightforward upgrade path, MTN and otherpartners’ new features and functions can be quickly incorporated and managed.

“MTN has served the yacht market for ten years, working closely with management companies, yards, owners and builders,” said Derik Wagner, managing director of the MTN Yacht Business Unit. “We regularly hear that bandwidth alone is no longer delivering on the ever-changing content and communications requirements. We listened and MTN Maestro is the answer. Captains and ETOs now have one powerful solution that substantially optimizes network performance, brings the power of multiple networks and allows for easy management. MTN Maestro is a comprehensive solution that will fully scale with the ever-growing Internet of Things.”

“Given the complexity of requirements on yachts today, bandwidth has to be optimized to address those requirements,” said AJ Anderson, founder and owner of WMG (Wright Marine Group). “Managers and vessel crew need a clear method to pre-plan and manage with no uncertainties related to performance. Delivery of a solution that captures future requirements is a much-needed paradigm shift.”