MTN and Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines Extend Four-Year Relationship

MTN Value, Service Excellence and Flexibility are Key Reasons Fred.Olsen Enhanced Services for Passengers and Crew

MTN Communications(MTN) announces Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines has extended its four-year relationship with the company. Fred.Olsen chose to increase the breadth of communications, and content services and support, MTN provides. Passengers have increased expectations to stay connected, even when on vacation. The MTN partnership includes an enhanced onboard suite of connectivity options for those passengers, as well as for crew. MTN will continue toprovide crew calling and its Worldwide TV service (MTN TV).

Known for exclusive service catering to European travelers, Fred.Olsen itineraries include the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Baltic regions; Norway; the British Isles and Africa.

“Considering our itineraries, we want to provide the best at-sea experience possible for our guests and our crew,” said Peter Deer, commercial director, Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines. “Communications are critical to that equation. Over the years, MTN has delivered value and service excellence, and with a great degree of flexibility as our needs to provide communication products and services expanded. It is clear we have a common vision of how communications at sea should be managed, and MTN continues to support our business needs. ”

MTN operates a worldwide connectivity footprint through its combined satellite and terrestrial network across the globe. The pioneer of cruise industry communications, MTN is the leader in delivering innovation, value and service excellence to its customer base.

“MTN looks forward to its continued partnership with Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines,” said Brent Horwitz, senior vice president and general manager, Cruise and Ferry Services, MTN. “As it adopts new products to its communications portfolio delivered by MTN, we are confident it will not only increase user satisfaction and acceptance but deliver a service that exceeds the expectations of both passengers and crew.”