MarcomCentral Unveils New Salesforce Integration

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MarcomCentral(R) , a leading marketing asset management and distributed marketing solution by PTI Marketing Technologies(R) Inc., announced the release of its integration with, providing a new way for marketers to distribute marketing assets to the field.

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MarcomCentral is a distributed marketing platform that enables enterprise organizations to produce intelligent marketing intranets. The portals empower the organization’s sales team, field marketers, partners and other authorized users to access to customizable, corporate-compliant marketing materials. is the most commonly utilized CRM application used by over 100,000 organizations. With the integration of MarcomCentral and, a marketing intranet produced by MarcomCentral can now be imbedded into as a tab.

The benefits of the integration go beyond providing up-to-date, easy to find sales and marketing materials. MarcomCentral boasts the ability to customize assets using the Salesforce leads and contacts databases. Data can be used in simple one-to-one personalization or it can trigger a variety of changes within a template including imagery, text, and layouts. The result is a hyper-personalized approach to marketing campaigns that speak to customers on an individual level, increasing overall potential for sales success.

“Having a great Salesforce integration is required in today’s technology marketplace,” says Coleman Kane, CEO of MarcomCentral/PTI Marketing Technologies. “The integration provides a powerful link between two best-in-class marketing operations technologies.”

“Leveraging your customer data to create personalized experiences has always been a challenge,” says Dustin Ritter, VP of Marketing for MarcomCentral/PTI Marketing Technologies. “Now a single click on a lead or contact record can create highly intelligent marketing materials. It doesn’t get any easier from the standpoint of an end user.”

“Salespeople need easy access to the most up-to-date sales materials without leaving Salesforce,” says Jim VanNatter, VP of Sales for MarcomCentral/PTI Marketing Technologies. “Using personalized proposals, brochures, or presentations during the sales cycle increases the likelihood of success and in the end, that’s all that matters.”

MarcomCentral for Salesforce is available at no charge for MarcomCentral accounts (Salesforce accounts are also required). More details on the MarcomCentral Salesforce Integration can be found at www.marcomcentral/salesforce or call 800.220.1727.

About MarcomCentral / PTI Marketing Technologies – MarcomCentral, produced by PTI Marketing Technologies(R), is a leading provider of SaaS based enterprise marketing software solutions since 2000. MarcomCentral is the premiere marketing asset management solution that empowers sales teams, field marketers, partners, and others to produce custom marketing pieces with corporate approved templates using data or a user’s selections to generate dynamic content. The online marketing resource center connects a corporation’s approved vendors to provide a one stop shop for all marketing goods. MarcomCentral provides a platform to quickly and effectively deliver all digital and traditional marketing assets to the field.