Adspace Networks

Adspace operates over 2,800 digital advertising billboards in 200+ shopping malls and centers across the United States. The company sells advertising in 15-second spots that reach 158 million shoppers each month. The network is particularly effective in reaching teens, young adults, and women of all ages.

Women’s Marketing Inc.

For nearly 30 years, WMI has been the leading media strategy, planning and buying company for emerging brands targeting women. The company has developed an expansive network of advertising clients and is a leading publisher of advertising inserts in the country’s most popular consumer magazines.

PRN Corporation (REALIZED)

Acquired by Thomson in July 2005, PRN is a provider of Nielson-rated networked broadcast and interactive systems that deliver targeted programming, advertising and useful information to consumers at the point of purchase. Significant customers include Wal-Mart, Sears, Best Buy and Circuit City.

PTI Marketing Technologies

PTI is a world leader in providing web to print solutions to commercial and digital print service providers, ad agencies and direct marketing companies. PTI delivers a real-time, integrated business communication platform that links enterprise clients with their print and marketing services providers for complete campaign, program, and business communication management.


Acquired by Adobe in May 2007, Scene7 enables sophisticated Internet commerce by providing an integrated suite of visual merchandising technologies, which include visual wrapping, 3D viewing and coordinating.


PacStar is a leader in developing rapidly deployable mobile IP communications appliances for military, emergency response, & other markets. The company has developed unique communications & network management software for a wide array of applications managing disparate & complex equipment.

MTN Satellite Communications

MTN provides Wi-Fi and other communications to customers at sea. Wireless customers use their own mobile phone or laptop computer just as easily as they do on land. MTN allows cruise lines and offshore vessels superior communications capabilities to improve operations, productivity and customer service.

Workshare (REALIZED)

Acquired by Skydox in 2012, Workshare is a document collaboration software company. Its software enables business professionals to create and control content, including confidential information and intellectual property, and is used by over one million professionals across 5,500 organizations in 65 countries.


Acquired by ASG Software Solutions in 2011, Atempo is a global software company that develops enterprise-class integrated data protection and archive solutions. The company is also an emerging player in the high-capacity memory backup market.

Erickson Air-Crane (REALIZED)

Acquired by a private equity firm in October 2007, EAC is a leading manufacturer and operator of heavy-lift helicopters used in specialized applications such as logging, firefighting, and construction.