Established in 1993, prAna is a designer, marketer, and retailer of climbing, yoga and active lifestyle apparel that is functional, environmentally friendly and designed to cross over into everyday clothing. prAna is sold at REI and other retailers around the world, as well as prAna retail stores in Boulder, Portland, Denver, San Francisco, and Minneapolis…. Read more


Based in Carlsbad, CA, SKLZ is the category pioneer, market leader and only company holistically addressing athletic performance and sport-specific training through a unique offering of innovative products, instructional content and programming that enables all athletes to reach their full potential. SKLZ delivers broad lines of training products across a variety of sports and provides… Read more

Naked Juice (REALIZED)

Acquired by Pepsi in January 2007, Naked Juice is a leader in the super-premium juice category. Naked Juice creates all-natural 100% juices, juice smoothies and protein smoothies from the best bare-naked fruits and boosts with no added sugar or preservatives


Designer and retailer of performance cross training apparel that was founded upon three intertwined principles: train to push yourself both physically and mentally; compete so as to improve yourself, as well as those around you; and live to be healthy in mind, body, and soul. Train. Compete. Live.


Acorns is the first true micro-investing company with a proprietary financial engine allows customers to automatically roundup spare change from everyday purchases and invest these sub-dollar amounts into a professionally managed portfolio of index funds. Simply connect any credit or debit card and a checking account, then spend money like you normally do to watch… Read more


Hookit’s digital platform supports and connects athletes and brands by enabling the marketing and eCommerce relationships between them. Hookit targets the top, most influential and highest spending athletes who compete in their respective sports. The revolutionary Hookit Score™ measure athletes’ commitment, performance and reach to quantify and maximize their value and influence in a $312B… Read more

X-1 Audio

X-1 Audio creates the most advanced audio solutions for athletes. With seven patents and over a decade of technological innovation, X-1 offers headphones, cases and other accessories to harness the power of music regardless of sport or climate.


Matuse designs outerwear, beach accessories, women’s swimwear, and much more. Made of eco-friendly Geoprene, a material developed in Japan from limestone (as opposed to petroleum), Matuse’s sleek wetsuits are lighter, thinner, warmer and more buoyant than their floppy, waterlogged beta cousins and represent the marriage of art and function.

Sealand Natural Resources

Sealand manufactures, markets and sells “new age functional beverages, organic nutriceuticals, health supplements, medicinal raw materials and health food worldwide with the goal of delivering good health to all that enjoy our patent pending, 100% natural, kosher and certified organic products.

Genesis Today (REALIZED)

Acquired by a private equity firm in 2009, Genesis Today formulates and sells natural health dietary supplements and ready-to-drink teas & juices. Genesis distributes organic liquid vitamin sources like the Goji Berry and Noni Juice which can deliver immune system support and natural internal cleansing benefits.