Greatcall Link Supports Family Caregivers in Enabling Independence

New mobile solution offers Americans caring for aging family members peace of mind with real-time notifications and on-demand health status updates

GreatCall Inc., the leader in providing solutions that enable independence for aging consumers and their family caregivers, today announced the launch of GreatCall Link. The smartphone app seamlessly connects GreatCall’s health and safety products with family caregivers, extending their ability to provide needed support.

The app provides alerts to the caregiver when the 5Star subscriber hits the button for help. It also provides a record of all calls and the status of each interaction with one of GreatCall’s NAED Certified Response agents. Information includes date, time and location on a map so the caregiver has a clear understanding of what is happening in real time. In addition, GreatCall Link provides caregivers with on-demand information, to ensure that daily routines are normal and appointments are kept.

Approximately 42 million Americans are caring for aging family members. “The essence of GreatCall is its commitment to understanding and supporting the changing needs of the caregivers and the families they support,” said David Inns, President and CEO of GreatCall. “As a company, we are the people the caregivers count on.”

A study of older Americans and their family caregivers, undertaken by an independent research firm for GreatCall, identified a number of critical insights into their needs, including:

  • 88 percent of caregivers wish they had someone who could be there when they can’t, as 70 percent feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities; and
  • 85 percent of caregivers wish they had more information about what was really happening with their aging family members.

“This research has helped shape GreatCall’s vision,” added Inns. “Given the rapid growth of this population, their expanding health needs and life expectancies and the increasing pressures on family caregivers, we must continue to develop meaningful technologies to address these needs.”

Additional features of the GreatCall Link service include:

  • record of 5Star calls with an NAED Certified Response Agent and the action taken;
  • ability to request current location for up-to-the-minute status at any time;
  • visibility of current device power status (“on” or “off”) and battery level, confirming the device is being used regularly;
  • capability to switch between different 5Star subscribers; and
  • multiple caregivers able to connect to a single device.

To access GreatCall Link, the caregiver must be connected to a GreatCall product with 5Star service. GreatCall Link is available today with the 5Star device, and will be available later in January with the Jitterbug Plus and the Jitterbug Touch 2. There are no contracts, cancellation fees or equipment to install.

The GreatCall Link mobile application can be downloaded free via Google Play or the iTunes app store. Authorized contacts can launch the app on a smartphone or access GreatCall Link through the web. For more information, please go to