GreatCall Introduces New Monthly Jitterbug Phone Plans – Giving Customers Simplified Options and More Monthly Minutes in Time for the Holiday Season

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GreatCall, Inc., a leader in wireless services that help people stay connected, safe and healthy, today announced a new suite of simplified monthly plan options that provides greater value for Jitterbug customers. Effective today, GreatCall is increasing the minutes of their monthly plans and extending the superior service and available options the company offers. Available on one of the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless networks, customers can select one of these six options:


 Introducing New Jitterbug Monthly Phone Plans


 Basic 14 Plan           $14.99/mo.   50 Anytime Minutes

———————-  ———–  ————————————

 Basic 19 Plan           $19.99/mo.   200 Anytime Minutes

———————-  ———–  ————————————

 Premium 29 Plan         $29.99/mo.   700 Anytime Minutes

———————-  ———–  ————————————

 Premium 39 Plan         $39.99/mo.   1500 Anytime Minutes

———————-  ———–  ————————————

 Premium 59 Plan         $59.99/mo.   2500 Anytime Minutes

———————-  ———–  ————————————

 Simply Unlimited Plan   $79.99/mo.   Unlimited Minutes and Text Messages

———————-  ———–  ————————————


The new Jitterbug phone plans are designed for people who want the flexibility to use their phones more during certain months, but who may use fewer minutes per month than average. Combined with the award-winning health and safety services and features offered by GreatCall, the new rate plans are a compelling offer for users seeking an easy-to-use and budget friendly wireless service.

GreatCall is committed to delivering superior service to its customers, and our new suite of plans is one of the many initiatives we plan to rollout over the next year,” said Bill Yates, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for GreatCall. “We updated our monthly plans to better meet the needs of our customers. We understand our customers need choices that fit their individual lifestyles, and that’s exactly what we’ve given them.”

GreatCall‘s approach is to help customers enjoy their cell phone by simplifying the entire experience. All of the phone plans allow you to carry over your unused minutes to the next month, as the monthly minutes are good for 60 days. Customers also benefit from plans priced around what they need and how they will use their minutes — without requiring text, data or any other add-ons. With most contract plans, a customer needs to spend a minimum of $79.99/month for minutes, text and data just to get started — even if they never make a call, send a message, or use data. With Jitterbug, people can get started for as low as $14.99 per month.

GreatCall‘s unwavering commitment to provide wireless services that people can count on means that the award-winning features customers know and love are also offered, including:

   GreatCall will never ask you to sign a contract


   — All features are easy to understand and use


   — Powered by one of the nation’s largest, most dependable wireless networks


   — Award-winning Health and Safety Services including 5Star Urgent Response

      which transforms your Jitterbug cell phone into your own personal safety



   — 100% US-based customer service available 24/7


   — Dial “0” to reach a GreatCall Operator who can help manage your calendar

      or phone book

The Jitterbug brand is the gold standard of easy-to-use cell phones and continues to be the leader in wireless simplicity. To purchase the new Jitterbug Plus and sign up for one of these exciting new rate plans, call directly at 1-800-918-8543, visit or select retailers including Best Buy, Sears, Radio Shack Dealer Franchises, Fry’s Electronics and ShopKo. Visit our store locator online to find a retailer near you.