GreatCall and John Walsh Encourage Family Fun This Summer, While Staying Safe with Easy Tips and Tools

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GreatCall, Inc., a leader in wireless services that enable its customers to stay connected, safe and healthy, along with John Walsh, the creator and host of America’s Most Wanted, are working together to educate families on summer safety and how 5Star Urgent Response(TM) can help you be better prepared. Studies show that accidents and crime increase in the summer. As people become more relaxed on vacation, precautions and common sense can take a back seat to summer fun.


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A recent 5Star Survey, which focused on summer safety and included 1000 adults age 18 and over, revealed that 76% of people admit they are unprepared to respond to an accident or attack. In addition, research from the U.S. Department of Justice discovered that over 30% of non-family abductions occur during summer months. Even more alarming, 71% of those abductions occur when traveling outside of the home — locations like a park, yard, street or other public places.


In a nationwide effort, John Walsh is advocating 5Star, a new mobile personal urgent response service, as an important safety product for all families. With 5Star, if someone feels vulnerable, in danger or just doesn’t know if they should call 9-1-1, they now have a way to get help — anytime, anywhere. At the touch of a button, a user will be speaking directly with a Certified Response Agent, who, using GPS technology, will identify the caller and their location, assess the situation, and dispatch the appropriate help in any unsafe or uncertain situation.


“I’m pleased to finally have a tool to share, to keep families and children safe. 5Star is a product that can literally save lives and changes the game on personal safety for every family,” said Mr. Walsh. “Hoping for the best is simply not good enough in this day and age; you need to be ready for whatever situation comes your way. Every second counts.”


“Summertime brings a welcomed change of activity in my home. With my kids out of school, we try to spend as much quality time together as possible. But with our busy schedules, it’s easy to forget that life can sometimes catch you by surprise,” said Bill Yates, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, GreatCall. “With thoughtful planning and easy-to-use tools such as 5Star, we are helping families take control of their personal safety.”


How 5Star Keeps Families Safe


   — GPS-based Online Locator — using a password protected website, easily


      find the location of a family member or device when necessary.




   — Lightweight, Portable — Smaller than a cell phone, it comfortably fits


      in a pocket, clips to a backpack, keychain or purse, so it goes wherever


      you go.




   — Personal Profile — a HIPAA-protected record of your personal information


      such as medications or allergies, for use only by emergency personnel in


      critical situations.




   — Two-way Communication — You are actually speaking with a 5Star Agent who


      will determine your location, assess the situation, conference in family


      or friends and get you the help need.




   — Peace of Mind – When you can’t be there for a child or loved one, the


      ability to access round-the-clock help provides an extra feeling of




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