Adspace Digital Mall Network Sees A 24% Increase In Viewership Based On Latest Nielsen Study

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Adspace Digital Mall Network, the biggest digital place-based network in Nielsen’s Fourth Screen Network Audience Report, found a spike in viewership: 82% of all mall shoppers viewed the Adspace screens, up from 66% in 2011. Four week reach increased to 25% of adults 18-49 in the Adspace universe of 45 top DMAs when the Nielsen notice rate is applied to Scarborough mall visitor data.(1) This is up from 21% two years earlier. Nationwide, Adspace reaches 16% of adults 18-49.

The Nielsen Fourth Screen Audience Report is the only quarterly, multi-client syndicated audience report for digital place-based networks. To be included, a network must conduct a Nielsen measurement study every two years. The 2013 results reflect Adspace’s first Nielsen study that fully integrates the 64 additional mall properties acquired by Adspace Networks from Access360’s Mallvision last summer, including 57 premiere Simon properties.

Amongst the strongest results in the study are Adspace’s powerful ad recall numbers. Nielsen found that when prompted, on average, 34.6% of shoppers that noticed the screens recalled a featured advertisement. This is a 4.6 percentage point increase from the previous study.


Advertiser              Unaided Recall         Prompted Recall

Samsung Galaxy              26.0%                           38.3%

Safe Haven                      19.3%                            38.4%

Jack the Giant Slayer       19.1%                            35.1%

Charmin                            18.6%                          27.5%

Beautiful Creatures           17.6%                           33.8%

———————-        ————–         —————

Average Total:              18.1%               34.6%


“This research highlights our steady growth in reach, bolstered by the addition of the Simon mall properties that we folded into the network last year, through our acquisition of Mallvision. We are also encouraged by our increased ad awareness,” said Dominick Porco, chairman and chief executive officer, Adspace Networks. “Shoppers are becoming more familiar and interested with our content and are engaging with it at a higher rate than ever before.”

Driving engagement with the screens is the shopper-centric content running on the Adspace Digital Mall Network. The Adspace content includes:

— Deal Breakers: A weekly program featuring the best sales and promotions

in the mall.


— Essentials: Seasonal, must have products.


— Trend Alert: Highlights the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and



— Editorial partnerships with Lucky Magazine: This includes style tips from

Lucky editor, Lori Bergamotto, and behind-the-scenes video from cover

shoots with celebrities.

Nielsen found that familiarity with each content category, on average, increased to 66.1% of viewers, nearly double the level of two years ago. Of those who are familiar with each content category, on average, 59.2% found it interesting or that it influenced a purchase. This is a 17% percentage point increase from 2011.

“We rely on the Fourth Screen Report for an accurate snapshot of impressions delivered by each of the Nielsen-measured digital place-based networks,” said Joe Esposito, Director, Product Operations, Spafax Networks. “Adspace is one of the most important players in the industry, and it is no surprise that they have repeatedly proven its scale and efficiency with the report.”